Marrett Green, MSSc

Founder - Canadian Flowers for Food Society​

Marrett is the founder and CEO of a registered Canadian charity, the Canadian Flowers for Food Society (CFFFS), helping to provide marginalized individuals with social and financial opportunities since 2005.

Mr. Green also conceptualized and developed the Philanthropy Bank for members to deposit their talents and skills directly into the noble cause of bettering another person’s Life. Marrett also developed the Community Leadership Program teaching young people how to create positive change in their communities. Marrett teaches this program, as well as public speaking, and English grammar, within Vancouver schools and academies.

Within his literary credits, Mr. Green was also commissioned by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. to review the First Canadian Edition of Lucas “The Art of Public Speaking,” prior to its publication in 2008. Marrett is also the co-author of “Sugar and Spice & Everything Irie: Savoring Jamaica’s Flavors,” with Callawind Publications.

In 2003/4, Marrett serendipitously landed in Ismailia, Egypt, north of Cairo,  to write the memoirs of an Egyptian doctor, three weeks after having a dream foretelling the trip. Unbeknownst to him, he would also begin a Spiritual Journey, launched by an unedited revelation: “Have Confidence; like the first spark of morning Light against the entire night sky, recognize the Power and the Brilliance within you.” 

Since then Marrett helps others identify The Tangible Connections Between This Source Energy and The Brilliance Within, in The Original Message Seminars. 

Marrett Green is also a former (award-winning) news anchor (YTV, UTV, Global, CTV), television news journalist, producer, and published author of several articles and research papers, including ‘The Butterfly Study, Life After Death.’

Mr. Green is most proud of the 12 years + he spent teaching the ‘Tenets of TaeKwon-Do’ to young minds in the lower mainland, now active mature minds helping diffuse darkness (Chaos) to Light (Order), as part of Our Purpose in Life.

Today, Marrett continues working on several community and personal projects including the design and development of the ReFlow G2RS, the first compact shower/bath-to-toilet grey-water recycling system, allowing apartments and condominiums to recycle grey-water, without remodelling or pipe retrofitting, saving up to 30% of any household’s freshwater consumption, immediately

The ReFlow was developed with support from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Unfortunately, this project was held up since 2014 by Form3.

Marrett has taught Public Relations, and as well Electronic Media Strategies, and Oral Communications within the School of Business, at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). 

There is much more to come, including the building of this society to a national level, supporting communities across our nation. 

Thank you for sharing the Beauty of Giving, In Bloom.  

The Canadian Flowers for Food Society.

The Canadian Flowers for Food Society (CFFFS) is a register Canadian Charity with CRA, as well a registered BC Society (Business Number: 84141 0756 RC001); founded in the summer of 2005, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, CFFFS provides social and financial opportunities for seniors, homeless people, and/or those coping with mental illness.